Friday, July 9, 2010

Rich in Cats

Okay, this is embarrassing to admit, but I guess it's best to be honest--Rob and I have 15 cats. See, there was a feral cat population explosion in our neighborhood recently, and Rob and I, softhearted fools that we are, ended up fixing and adopting the entire clan. (Well, in truth I forced my mom and sisters to adopt some too.) The cats have repaid our generosity by diligently tearing up our furniture.

But as destructive as they are, we're nuts about them all--grumpy old Jammer, babyish Foxy, complicated Josie, wild-eyed Buntin, busy June Baxter, gentle Softee, angel-faced Becky, loyal, messy Babs, confident Maggie, gentlemanly Greg, tentative Clark, playful Francie, cheerful Carl, and sweet nerdy little Elroy and Leroy (the babies). Anyway, here are a few pictures to help you get acquainted with our sprawling cat family. . . . I'll start with three. I was going to try to include everybody, but that was taking waaaaay too long.

Greg, high on catnip

Becky, mesmerized by a butterfly

Carl. I love his little smile. And his huge eyes. And his stripes. And his yellow belly. And his black feet. And everything about him.

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