Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oregon Memories

Jacob and Sophie taking a break on the way from Newport to Bend

Last night I was reading the journal I kept during our trip to Oregon in 2004. That's the last time we visited my brother Jacob--six years ago, which makes me sad. Sophie was only three then, and Jake was a smiling, serene baby with big blue eyes and a bald head. Anyway, I came across this little passage and I thought I'd post it because it shows, in a nutshell, how much fun we had:

Friday, July 16, 2004

On Thursday morning we went to Shevlin Park, a very nice little park on the outskirts of Bend. Jacob, Skye, Rob, and Bunny spent the morning birdwatching under the giant ponderosa pines and western larches. They were waist-deep in wild roses.

Meanwhile, Sophie and I lagged behind, playing various games of Sophie’s invention. We found a little patch of clovers and I made her a crown out of clover flowers to match the bracelet her mother had made her. Sophie put on the crown and became the Tooth Fairy. I had to put my “tooth” ( a small stick) under my “pillow” (a leaf) and pretend to be asleep so the Tooth Fairy could come. Sophie, the Tooth Fairy, hid behind a tree in her clover crown, waiting for me to put my tooth under my pillow.

“My tooth is curiously long,” I said, putting the stick under the leaf. “And brown. I guess it’s a good thing it came out.”

Sophie looked so cute waiting behind the tree, being very quiet. She really did look like a little fairy or maybe a wood elf. Some magical creature.

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