Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun in the Time of Drought

It hasn't rained here in a long time, and our native plant gardens have turned brown and crunchy. But even in this depressing, desiccated landscape Rob and I still managed to have fun this weekend--well, at least part of the time, when we weren't dragging hoses around.

We baked vegan peanut butter cookies on Friday night, using the beloved Joy of Vegan Baking. Our cookies came out looking so professional! It was all Rob's doing. Most everything I'm involved with comes out lopsided.

On Saturday we revamped the stone path under our grand, moss-draped banana shrub (the spring flowers smell like nail polish remover). We set the stones in the ground more securely and weeded all around, and every two minutes I would say to Rob, "So, do you have any other funny stories?" I also sang "Tell Her About It" and other Billy Joel songs. I was being annoying.

It was so hot and dry we got totally parched, so when we were done with the path we made a big pitcher of ice-cold limeade. (It was so frosty and lovely.) Then we sat on the screen porch and played with the cats and drank the entire thing. Francie was being really funny, cuddling with Rob's dirty sock in her sleep. She is such a sweet, naiive little country girl (we pretend and so she seems). Rob always says she wants to change her name to Frantasy.

It was Rob's birthday on Saturday, so in the evening we got all dressed up and went out for a big Indian meal at the Curry Pot in Tallahassee. It was very festive. We got appetizers and dessert--the whole nine yards. My dessert was a big puffy air-filled pillow of fried dough, steaming hot and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. After we ate we went to see Restrepo.

Today we made another batch of cement stepping stones. . . . Oh, and I got my Halloween tarot set in the mail. Now all I need are the Gypsy-Witch Fortunetelling Cards I ordered and I'll be all set for the spooky party I'm throwing for my niece and nephew next Saturday!

Vegan peanut butter cookies. Why did I pose them with salt and pepper shakers? This makes no logical sense.

Here I am picking herbs. How wholesome. You can see the suffering sweet potato patch behind me.

Rob showing off his new guitar

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  1. Leslie, your writing is so funny and cute. I like it! --Terry