Thursday, October 28, 2010

This and That

I'll start this most random post with a funny little story about my nephew, Jake: Today Jake stayed home sick from school and spilled a bowl of Froot Loops on his favorite blanket, B. So B had to go in the washer.

"I will put him in, Mommy!" Jake insisted. "Because I have special hands for handling B!"

Kris told me later that all the while Jake was stuffing B into the washer he was apologizing to the little scrap of blanket, saying, "B, I am sorry I can't go in there with you, but I am a person and I really can't get swirled around like that."

More random news: It finally rained today. Hoorah! And the Georgia asters are blooming--pure purple. I'm crazy about them. There are Halloween lights everywhere around Quincy, and our festive neighbors on Eighth Street have their red brick house decorated like a Victorian funeral parlor. The front porch is draped in black tulle, and on every window there's a black tulle wreath with a big purple bow. A life-size skeleton in a top hat greets visitors at the front door, and there's an open coffin the yard, with a party of dancing ghosts nearby.

The Happy Family: Elroy, Leroy, and Francie

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