Friday, January 28, 2011

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Little Sophie 

Here's a funny old journal entry from 2005, the year Sophie was four:

Friday, July 15, 2005

Tonight we all went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—me and Rob and Kris and Phil and Bun and Sophie. Sophie was so excited about seeing the movie. She got all dressed up for our big night out. She arrived at Hummy’s (Mom’s) in a sunny yellow terry cloth hoodie and matching mini skirt. She was carrying a large white purse shaped like the face of Hello Kitty and full of money for popcorn and candy. She had three bracelets on each arm. She also wore a choker and a ring. And perfume and body glitter. She was so excited about going out to the movies!

In the car on the way to the theater, she talked to me nonstop. She was telling me she wasn’t scared to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“Are you scared?” I asked. “I’ve heard this movie is a little bit scary. I think I might be a little bit scared.”

“No, I will not be scared—because I am brave, Wez,” she said. “Actually, Wez, I seen a lot of scary movies. I watched Hellboy. Have you watched that movie, Wez?”

“Oh, no, that would be way too scary for me,” I said.

“I am not scared,” she said. “Actually, I am not scared of any movies. I watched Pet Sematary. Actually, I did. Do you know how many movies I own, Wez?”

“How many?”

One hundred!”


“How many do you own, Wez?”

“Um, none, unfortunately.”

“Actually, I have seen every movie, Wez. I have watched Frogs. Have you seen that one, Wez?”

“No. Are you sure you’re old enough for stuff like that?”

“Actually, I am.”

She kept saying “actually.” She was so excited and trying so hard to seem grown up.

She started showing me her bracelets. “Do you have so many bracelets, Wez? . . . Do you wish you had so many bracelets as me?”

The movie was a bit of a disappointment, I’m afraid. Sophie sat on my lap during the entire thing, and unfortunately, I think it was way over her head. She’s so little, I don’t think she could really follow it at all.

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