Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Real Jake

Elmo knows the real, sweet Jake.

Kris told me a funny story about Jake today.

Yesterday Jake was talking to a little girl in his first-grade class, Heidi. He told her the puppies on her thermos were cute.

“Hmm, I’ve never heard you say anything like that before,” Heidi said.

And Jake confessed, “I’m sensitive.” And then he hung his head.

After school, Jake told Kris about this conversation, and Kris said, “So usually you don’t show your classmates your true self, the real, sweet Jake?”

And Jake said, “No. I usually act crazy.”

But it's all an act. Jake is very sensitive. The other day he had some little toy frogs, and Sophie wanted one. So she had one of the frogs say in a very cute, sad voice, “Jake, why don’t you give me to Sophie? Please, Jake.”

And Jake couldn’t bear it. The frog was tugging at his heartstrings. “Oh, darn it!” he cried. “Why do I have to love nature so much?” And he gave the frog to Sophie.

He’s so softhearted that he’s very easily manipulated. You have to be careful not to take advantage of him.

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