Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sophie's Birthday Outing: Part Three


Here is the last installment, the end of the story of our big day on the town:

When we went into Target it was dazzlingly sunny, and then when we came out again it was pitch dark—night. The day was gone, but we weren’t done with our fun yet. We went on to Governor’s Square Mall, the same little mall Bun and Kris and I have been going to since our girlhood. It’s full of memories for us because we’ve been there literally thousands of times.

It was so much fun being in the mall at night—because we don’t usually get to go there at that time. We’re always home at night, cooking and cleaning and taking care of things. So it seemed really festive and special to be out and about after dark. We were walking around the mall, laughing and making fun of each other. We went to Sephora and tried on all kinds of makeup and perfume. Sophie put on her own shimmering midnight-blue eye shadow, and she looked absolutely crazy. She put on some really bright lipstick too, and it was totally crooked. I kept squirting myself with the Lavanila vanilla and grapefruit perfume—and when I wasn’t doing that I was laughing at Sophie, who was just minding her own business, browsing in her clown makeup.

Sophie got a large icee in the food court, and we all shared it. I am the biggest icee fan. We got all three available flavors mixed together. We were going for it.

“We’re still going to jump rope, right?” Sophie asked in the backseat on the way home. All day she’d been saying she wanted us to jump rope with her.

“Of course,” I said.

As soon as we got to Kris’s house, Kris ran inside and put on her pajamas—and then she came out and played in them, in her soft striped pajamas and sock feet.

We were all gathered in the dark driveway, jumping rope and hula-hooping and laughing and squealing. Sophie was putting on shows, and she and Bunny were having hula-hooping contests. Bunny was teaching Sophie how to grab the hula hoop and swing it around in her hand like a lasso. (Apparently Bunny has taken to watching hula-hooping videos on YouTube in the wee morning hours before work and has mastered a number of tricks.)

It was just so funny and amazing to me that little Bunny had become an expert hula hoop-er. (She made this transformation secretly, without any of us knowing.)

I said, “If somebody had said to me, ‘Hmm, I wonder what Bunny's up to every day at five in the morning,’ I never would have guessed hula hooping.”

Bunny taught Sophie how to hula hoop with her neck—and Sophie was a real natural. And Bunny blew us away with her jump-roping skills, too. As I said to Mom later, “That Bunny can jump rope like a freaking boxer.”

I kept getting all tangled up in the jump rope. I was terrible. But I wasn’t worried about it—because there were owl sounds to listen to and hula-hoop shows to watch. It was a wonderful night.

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