Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Saturday in the Yard

Buttercrunch lettuce glowing in the sun

Rob and I spent Saturday doing two things: weeding all the beds and mulching a new bed on the south side of the front yard. To me it was a good day because I got to daydream and visit with various cats as I killed untold numbers of clovers.

Babs kept stopping by, to lie next to us, and at one point Rob said, “Babs is such a good and true friend. Every morning when I’m hanging the laundry, she comes running out of the garage. Then she rolls around on the driveway while I hang everything up. She just wants to be nearby.”

“I know,” I said. “She did that with me this morning. She rolled in the sun and I stood there in the sun hanging things. It was a very nice kind of fellowship.”

All day Babs was covered in pollen and dust; she loves taking dust baths.

I made some neat discoveries while I was weeding. Here’s one: My favorite rose, the Souvenir de St. Anne’s, is blooming! The flowers look like the thinnest, most delicate pink porcelain cups. I made sure to weed all around the little plant, and water it, just to be encouraging. Oh, and another thing: The American holly is full of little tiny white blossoms, and all over the tree butterflies were feeding, sipping nectar (even 25 feet in the air).

On Saturday evening around sunset we saw our first hummingbird of the year. She was visiting the coral honeysuckle that drapes the Vine House.

Souvenir de St. Anne's

Satsuma blossom. We have ten citrus trees around the house, so the air is very sweet right now.

Carnes pear flowers--too cute


  1. I love your Souvenir de St. Anne's! That is the number one rose on my list for next year! - B

  2. Thanks! I want to get so many more roses next year!! I'm going to incorporate them into my meadow so it looks better all year round.