Monday, April 30, 2012

Through the Needle Palm

Here's how the house looks right now, through the needle palm in the bed along North Adams Street. Rob just repainted the front steps, and we've decorated the front porch with four big pots of fancy multi-colored caladiums. There's a nest on top of one of the columns (the one on the end next to the living room window); it's made of Spanish moss. It's a house-finch nest, and we see the little mother bird sitting on it all the time--so neat! On Saturday I swept the porch, and Rob cleaned all the pollen off the rocking chairs, and then I went and crouched behind the needle palm and took this picture.


  1. I love this picture. Your house is looking great. You did a wonderful job with your foundation beds. I am ready to redo mine (Fall). I'd like to come out and look at yours sometime.-B

  2. Oh, thanks, Bunny! I want you to come over. Kris wants to do a photo shoot with her kids in my meadow. Maybe you could come over too then. (I'm not going to be in the picture; I'll be photographing.)