Monday, September 10, 2012

Upon Our Return

Rob and I just got back today from our trip to Sequoia National Park. It's always so hard to come home from a vacation because the yard is such a mess. After a week of neglect, most of my potted plants are dead, and my beds are absolutely overrun with weeds. I guess there was a little storm while we were gone, because the lawn is littered with fallen branches . . . and big blobs of Spanish moss that look like dead possums. The grass is too tall. I feel like I'll never get everything put back to rights.

This afternoon I took a little walk around the yard to survey the damage. I was dumping pots of dead torenia and caladiums and pulling up camphor seedlings and picking up sticks and muttering, "Oh, crap." But I did manage to find a few pretty things to take pictures of. I can't wait to have a big gardening day and get everything shipshape again.

Sparkling Burgundy sasanqua

Katie Road Pink rose

Katie Road Pink rose hip

Devil's walking stick berries

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