Monday, January 21, 2013

Clean as a Whistle

Rob and I did nothing but clean our house this weekend. We cleaned it from top to bottom. We washed all the baseboards and mopped all the floors and brushed all the furniture and cleaned the windows and the windowsills and all the moldings. Of course, since we have a million cats, most of what we were cleaning up was cat fur.

So, as we scrubbed, Rob was playfully berating our furry friends, saying, "Cats are disgusting animals!" And: "You can either have nice things or you can have cats. You can't have both!"

As you might expect, the cats didn't care what Rob said. They spent the weekend as they usually would--happily scratching the furniture and shedding.

On Sunday, as we crawled around with our bucket of soapy water for the second day in a row and June Baxter tracked cat litter across the kitchen table, Rob pretended to have a meltdown. (He was just joking.) "You know what's great about cleaning?" he said. "You know what's the best part? The results are totally permanent!"

Anyway, here are some pictures I took before things got too messed up again:

The front bedroom. Mom made a number of the toys you see in the picture, including the cute little sleeping cat.

The front bedroom again. I really want to paint this roommaybe marigold.

The kitchen. My brother-in-law Matt made the beautiful stained-glass window.

The sun room. This used to be a porch, but it was enclosed long ago. It's the cats' favorite room. They love to wrestle in the sunbeams.

The back hall

The back bedroom

The back bedroom again. Becky is the cat in the pictures over the fireplace. And yes, our house is filled with pictures of our cats.

Carl, Foxy, and Becky getting their fur all over the living room


  1. Your pictures look like they are straight out of a magazine. Leslie - I love, love, love your style and your home! I would say cats too, but Philip is highly - as in he can't breath around them - allergic to cats. So we've compensated by owning "a million" dogs.

    And I can totally relate to your post. No sooner do we get one room clean before the dogs have messed up another. :-)

  2. Wow, your home is wonderful! I agree with eli, it looks like it is right out of a magazine.


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  5. Everything looks beautiful! I should have spent the weekend doing the same thing. Your house always looks so great.

  6. Thanks, Eli! Rob was allergic to cats too when I first met him, but somehow he became "cured" by constant exposure!

  7. Thanks, Lorraine! I'm only showing you the good parts of the house, of course. We have lots of completely bare, unfinished spots!

  8. Hi Kris, your house is always ridiculously clean. I can never tell you own any cats at all!

  9. The inside of your house is as beautiful as the outside!

  10. You have a very lovely house and a very lovely blog!