Monday, February 4, 2013

Antiquing in Dothan

Rob and I went antiquing in Dothan on Saturday. It was so much fun. A little road trip is always the greatest treat. I just love the sense of adventure—the promise of the open road and the whole day ahead of me. I guess what’s so appealing is that it’s Saturday and I’m completely free; I don’t have to go to the office or do any chores. I love stopping along the way at country convenience stores and buying Cokes and Lemonheads and bubblegum and whatever else strikes my fancy. Before I became a vegan, I'd always get one of those mini pecan pies, but now my choices are a bit more limited.

The two-hour drive to Dothan took us through a mostly rural area, past farm fields and woods and swamps and rivers, through the little towns of Chattahoochee and Sneads and Marianna and Cottondale. I kept wanting to stop and take pictures of cows and tire swings and white country churches, but sadly I had forgotten my camera. It was really killing me too because I kept spotting the most picturesque things: goats and ponies, and rusty-roofed Cracker houses. Old cemeteries full of flowering quince and redbuds. We passed several roadside stands selling tupelo honey and hot boiled peanuts, sweet onions and shelled pecans. Really, is there anything more enticing than a roadside stand?

Rob and I go to Dothan several times a year and we always do the same thing when we get there. First we go to Land of Cotton Antique Mall, then we have lunch at Taj (this awesome Indian restaurant), and then we go to two more antique malls: Highlands and Old South. Land of Cotton is the greatest place. It’s absolutely huge, filled with everything from massive antique cabinets and wardrobes to old toys and jewelry. There’s china, sterling silver, vintage gloves and hats . . . lamps, old crocks and bottles, and Coca-Cola signs galore. We usually stay for at least two hours, walking the maze-like aisles.

Sometimes I feel bad making Rob look at antiques all day. But he always tells me, “No, I like it—especially if there’s lunch involved.”

On Saturday we ate at Taj, like we always do. The restaurant has a new location and it’s really fancy, with a big fireplace . . . and stone tiles everywhere . . . and red silk curtains. We had the best food: vegetable Manchurian for an appetizer, and mixed vegetable korma and mixed vegetable curry for our main dishes. I was trying to eat really slowly, to make the moment last.

“Do you miss the cats?” I asked Rob.

“Oh, not really,” he smiled.

He was just kidding, but it was nice to get away. Anyway, here are some of the day’s finds:

Fiestaware sugar bowl

Fiestaware creamer

Lenox vases. I've started a little collection.

A new lamp for the living room, to light up Leroy's portrait

And now I present you with some random pictures that have nothing to do with anything:

June Baxter. Doesn't this look like her senior picture in the yearbook?

My new planter in the sun room. I got it at Tallahassee Nurseries.

The beginnings of my bird collection in the living room


  1. Your day sounds lovely. Sorry you forgot your camera. You got some lovely pieces and they add to the wonderful charm of your home.


  2. Leslie,

    Sounds like a picture perfect day and something very much like Philip and I would do!

    We had Fiestaware for many years, but then I gave in to a moment of weakness and invested in Bill Cambell's blue porcelain dinnerware (from a local pottery store called Brooke's). I'm still trying to complete a 12 piece set, but in the meantime, Jen's friends are enjoying our full set of Fiestaware.

    I love all your treasures. . . and I love June Baxter's picture. This past weekend while gardening out front, I had a stray (unfortunately we have a lot of those in our area), ever so gently walk up to me and start loving on me like crazy. Of course I had to feed her a can of tuna - which after finishing she (that's an assumption) just sat back basking in the sun cleaning herself, looking quite content. I call her a stray, but I never know who owns which animals since neighbors let their cats roam the neighborhood. And it would be my luck that I would take someone's cat to the SPCA. So instead, I made a sweet friend who appreciated a good meal. Tuna has to be better than birds and rats.

    I love your bird collection, most especially the hummingbird.

    By the way, you did such a great job describing your day out that I hardly missed the pictures!

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. I will have to check Dothan out soon. I've never been there. Sounds like a great weekend!

  4. Such pretties! Thanks for sharing. Shame you forgot the camera. I would have liked to see those vistas on your day out.
    Love the kitty photos! We've just adopted a cat. He came into our yard looking for love, and we've made him ours. I might have to blog about him, Gilbert, sometime soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  5. Oh I love all your little finds!! It sounds like such a fun time, I'll have to check out those antique malls on my next trip to Flordia:)

    xo, Strawberry Moth

  6. Thanks, Lorraine. It was a great day. We're lucky to live close to several great antiquing towns.

  7. Hi Eli, thanks! Seriously, you always write the best comments.

    I googled Bill Campbell's dinnerware--I love it! A very nice choice. I'd love to be able to collect all different kinds of dishes, a different set for every mood.

    I met my cat Buntin while gardening. It was a cold day and I was sitting down weeding. She got right in my lap and went to sleep. I had never seen her before, but I ended up adopting her the next day.

  8. Hi Kris, I was hoping me, you, Bun, and Mom could go to Dothan this spring. I think you guys would love it. So many bargains!

  9. Hi Dottie, thanks! You should definitely blog about Gilbert! I'd love to see pictures!

  10. Hi Jessica, thanks, but I bet Dothan is nothing compared to antiquing in Savannah! :)