Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quincy on a Summer Evening

I actually took these pictures in early June, but I never got a chance to write about them until today. I took them on the sleepiest, quietest Sunday evening, when the square was totally deserted except for me and the mockingbirds. First I meandered around the courthouse lawn and admired the magnolias, which were in full lemony-scented bloom, and then I crossed North Madison Street and peered into the windows of the dark, peaceful, closed shops.

We have some pretty interesting businesses around the square. Here’s one that sells ladies’ church suits and hats.

And here’s the Divine Grace CafĂ©. I’ve never eaten at this place, but I’ve heard it has an awesome Southern buffet. People rave about the fried chicken and cornbread. The reason I haven’t tried Divine Grace is that I’m a vegan, and I must admit vegans do sometimes feel a bit deprived.

I roamed a little farther and checked on some of my favorite houses. I like the house below because it has such a big, shady, accommodating porch and because it has a genuine tin roof, artfully mottled with rust. It also has a really romantic, jungle-y yard, festooned with moss and dark with black-green sago palms and tree-size camellias. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get the really lush part in the picture.) Big clumps of crinum lilies fill the summer evenings with fragrance.

This Classical Revival gem, the Stockton-Malone House, is another favorite of mine. Isn't it the tidiest, most immaculate house you've ever seen? It was built in 1849, and the perfectly symmetrical little wings (you can only see one in the picture) were added in the 1870s. The boxwood hedges are always expertly groomed, and the lawn is like a carpet (I often see its proud owner out front, carefully removing offending pine cones).

This house, the Henry Davis House, built in 1892 and located on North Jackson Street, was originally a one-story structure. The second story was added in 1906. Amazingly, the grand columns were an even later addition, not making their debut until the mid-1970s. The house came up for sale in 2004, just after Rob and I had closed on our own house, so I used to wonder, What if we’d waited and moved there instead? Well, one thing’s for sure: We wouldn’t have had as much yard work to do. The yard around the Davis House is tiny and very tame, decorated with a few hydrangeas and a little tea olive in addition to the boxwood you see here.

The New Revelation Church of God is on my street, North Adams. I like its balanced, clean design and its snowy white paint . . . and the rosy glow that seeps through the shuttered windows on revival nights, and the music you can hear if you happen to be passing by on such a night. To me, this is what a church should look like. This is beauty in its simplest, purest form.


  1. What a lovely little town you live in. Very quaint and peaceful.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Fun tour! Those houses are so beautiful. I am a vegetarian and I admit I can feel a little left out at times, too. Luckily most restaurants nowadays do offer veggie friendly options.

  3. From what you have shown us, I just love your little town! So lovely. Bet one could eat off the floor of the second house in your post : ) Personally, Leslie, I like your house the best. You got a pretty sweet one. It's cozier looking than the Henry Davis House, as pretty as it is. I'm not vegan myself, but don't much like eating meat at all.

  4. Love the tour. I found your blog because you came to my town (Union Springs) and the local paper put a link to it for all to read. Saved you in my favorites, and now am a follower of yours. I live in an 1875 house at the end of the main street in Union Springs, but my house is not very grand and is in need of paint. My favorite part of the house is the original windows of wavy glass, many panes with bubbles. I love to look through them at night and admire their beauty. I also love that most of my doors have glass knobs.

  5. I find it comforting that I can picture Quincy not only from your eloquent descriptions, but because we spent so many weekends there over the years. I appreciate the way you give your readers a glimpse into your heart as well as into the heart of your quaint town. Have a lovely Sunday! Meems

  6. "Ladies Church Suits" . . . "Divine Grace" - I see a trend in the local businesses.

    I agree with Jean - your house is the bestest. :-)

  7. Thank you, everybody. I so appreciate all your kind comments!

  8. Hi Joellen,

    That's so neat that you live in Union Springs! Your house sounds awesome. I love wavy old windows too, and glass doorknobs. Do you have a blog? I'd love to see pictures . . . and read more of your great descriptions!