Friday, October 11, 2013

New Picnic Table

Rob and his great picnic table

Rob recently built us a new picnic table to replace our old rotten one. It's really niceextra big and sturdy, made with all pressure-treated wood so it will last a long time.

We stained it a shade called "Barn Red." We put the final coat on this morning, and then when it was dry, I decided I'd bring a snack out to the picnic table and take pictures of the table in use for my blog. Well, the photo shoot was pretty funny, not very professional at all. A very bold, friendly, vivacious little cat has been hanging around in our yard latelya petite young lady, all black with a cute, round, short face and big expressive yellow eyes. She belongs to the neighbors, and her name is Bubbles. Needless to say, she has totally won my heart. Anyway, I had set up my fussy little snack--cupcakes and jelly beans arranged on my wedding china--and while I was inside fetching my camera, Bubbles jumped up on the table and licked all the frosting off both cupcakes.

She was still working on the second one when I returned. "Bubbles!" I cried. "What are you doing?!"

She responded by picking up the cupcake with her teeth and running away with it.

She didn't get very far. She dropped the cupcake in the ferns by the picnic table and continued to voraciously eat it.

Luckily I had a few extra cupcakes in the house so I could continue my photo shoot. But as soon as Bubbles caught sight of the replacement cupcakes, she was jumping up on the table and interrupting the photo shoot every two seconds. I finally had to just give up and sit down on a nearby bench and hold her and pet for a while so she'd forget about her dumb cupcake obsession.

"Bubbles," I said, "I'd love for you for to participate in my photo shoots. I'm always looking for models. But you can't eat the props!"

Bubbles crashes the photo shoot.

Bubbles and the picnic table

Bubbles at rest

Just being cute


  1. The table looks great! Thankfully, they weren't chocolate cupcakes. Silly kitty. ;0)

  2. Beautiful table! Bubbles cracks me up - helpful like my Jack. :) I love, love, love the Bubbles at rest photo. Adorable. And those cupcakes! Yum.......

  3. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up over here! But who can blame Bubbles for wanting a taste when those cupcakes look so delicious! Bubbles and my Sylvester would get along well. They both seem to be great at photobombing haha. Such a cute post and I love the photos of Bubbles. The picnic table looks great!

  4. Last photo: Love the one little 'fang' peeking out from Bubbles mouth!

  5. Lovely! Rob made a great picnic table. And, I like your setting on it. I do like the color you painted the table. The cupcakes and jelly beans look so good and love that cat!