Friday, November 15, 2013

In the Slow Lane

I had the day off on Monday, which was nice because it gave me the rare chance to look around and appreciate. I could go slow. I didn’t have to rush. Rushing ruins everything.

I had time to sit in the dry brown grass and eat satsumas off our tree. I sat there like a lizard, soaking up the sun, and my thoughts were very simple. I was thinking about satsumas--how pretty they are and how good they taste.

I played with the cats and spoiled them terribly. I let June sit in the laundry basket, for example, for about an hour, on top of the clean laundry. She was quite pleased. She looked very proud, so I guess in cat culture relaxing in a laundry basket is considered cool and not absurd.

June in the laundry basket

Carl dozing nearby. He tried to take a turn in the laundry basket, but June wasn't sharing.

I weeded around the front steps in a careful, unhurried way, coming across a cocoon and a sleepy little snake. There were lots of earthworms where I was working, and the whole bed smelled like Christmastime because it was covered in a layer of spruce-pine needles.


My supper wasn't exactly fancy. It was cranberry sauce, my favorite dish to make. The recipe's so easy, and it's fun when the water boils and the berries start popping. I like to eat my sauce piping hot, which most people think is weird, but it sure made for a cozy meal. I ate in the kitchen by candlelight (orange Halloween tealights) as a cold front moved in. The screen door kept banging in the wild, dark wind.


  1. You've still got snapdragons there this time of year—I love a good snapdragon. I don't think eating piping hot cranberry sauce weird: I used to make a big pot of porridge and then put the cranberry sauce in the middle till it heated up. Try it if you like porridge.
    I like to read your posts because you carefully explain the way you appreciate the simplicity of life; "Rushing ruins everything". Most folk don't think about the food they're eating. I do all the time, and think about where each individual ingredient has come from and say "thank you".

  2. Your photos are so lovely! Always. Your home sounds so cozy and eating by candlelight is one of the best ways to eat! Actually, hot cranberry sauce sounds pretty good to me.

  3. Very relaxing post. Reminds me of how many times my mind races ahead and I am not in the moment like I should be. Over and over we need to remind ourselves of what your lovely post is all about :)

  4. It sounds like a fantastic day! Your cats are so adorable. This is pretty much how I'd spend a day off as well :) Except minus the satsumas because I live in Missouri haha.

  5. Sounds like a lovely way to spend some quality time alone. Hope you have many more days like this one.

  6. I don't know that eating the cranberry sauce hot is weird . . . but if that was all your meal consisted of ~ yep, weird. :-) I mean really, where's the wine?!

    You have a gift when it comes to writing. I feel like I'm right there with you (very cozy and comforting). Add picture perfect photos and voila - a perfect blog.

  7. Your day sounds wonderful and I love the pictures of your sweet kitties:) and their squinting eyes as they rest. Your flowers are so pretty!