Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Decorating 2013

On Sunday Rob and I put up our Christmas tree. It was so much fun. We listened to Christmas songs and heated up some cider in a pot on the stove. The house smelled wonderfully cinnamon-y and was a big, festive mess of boxes and fallen plastic pine needles (our poor old tree was shedding).

The cats assisted with the decorating, of course. June's services, in particular, were indispensable. While we were looking the other way, she stole six feet of silver garland. “June!” I cried as she went streaking down the hall with the garland in her mouth. She ended up wrestling the shiny stuff and getting all tangled up in it.

Buntin stretched out under the tree and cleaned herself. Softee batted ornaments. These may be two reasons why, in the end, our tree fell a bit short of Martha Stewart standards. Oh, well. What it lacked in tidiness it made up for in sparkle.

At night we popped popcorn and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas as the tree stood faithfully in its corner and glowed. The cats slept in our laps. Being helpful is so tiring.

I like really dumb ornaments.

Mom made this one.

I have a collection of cute, funny toys that I bring out only at Christmastime and arrange under the tree. This fine tradition allows me to continue to buy Sanrio products at the age of 47.


  1. I love your sweet plush ornaments. They make me feel happy.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  2. What an unusual collection! Love it! Sounds like a very cozy way to spend the start of the holidays. Enjoy your weekend Leslie!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day from start to finish. And did you say 47!? OK, there may be something to veganism after all.

  4. I don't think those are dumb ornaments! I love the first smiling kitty one. Cats do enjoy playing with and eating ornaments, especially the tinselly ones—yum, yum. This year I for the first time since a kid have been watching the Charlie Brown holiday specials with each holiday. I forgot how much I liked them. Haven't got to the Merry Christmas one yet, but I will.

  5. Those ornaments are very cute!

    Our pets often like to lie under the Christmas tree once it's up and decorated.

  6. How cute are your ornaments. Love the kitty at the top all in plush splendor.

  7. ha ha - June sounds like a huge help. Kind of like Jack. :) I think your ornaments are adorable, especially the first one. Too cute!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time. Your ornaments are really cute! I love decorating for the holidays. We put up our tree last night and I was a fool to think Gizmo wouldn't pull off the ornaments...