Sunday, March 30, 2014

From Mom

My mom made me this little bunny for my birthday. Doesn't he have a lot of personality? His expression, to me, is so humble and sweet. I had fun posing him in the violets, and then in our cabbage patch.

I got a bunch of neat birthday presents, but the bunny is my favorite. It's funny because Mom didn't even want to count him as a present. "Oh, that's not anything," she said at my party when I found him among some pink tissue paper and curly ribbon. "It's just a topper."

Mom often adds "toppers" to presents. Toppers are little mini presents that decorate the tops of bigger presents. Mom loves making toppers, especially when there's supposed to be a limit on the number of gifts given. See, you can put a bunch of toppers on a present and it still counts as one present. Those are the rules, according to Mom. So, yes, toppers are a great way to get around gift limits and spoil your middle-aged children and preteen grandchildren.

Mom's sneaky, and we like to make fun of her about it, but we sure wouldn't want her to change.


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was special. What a sweet gift.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Leslie ~ that bunny is so sweet.

    Great story about present toppers.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  3. Your Mom sounds like a real gem. And your very spring like topper is adorable!

    I hope your birthday was wonderful and that you have many more on the horizon.