Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finally! Rugs!

Last weekend Rob and I bought three rugsone for the back bedroom, one for the dining room, and one for the back hall. I was really excited. We've wanted rugs for a long time, but we've put off buying them because we have a lot of cats that might like to scratch themor throw up on them. I don't know what made us change our minds. We've still got the same ridiculous number of cats, though the other day I needed a white elephant gift for my office Christmas party and I did briefly consider using Elroy and Leroy.

The cats, of course, have been very interested in the rugs. They were especially intrigued on Saturday, the day these new items arrived in the house. Some of the cats had never experienced sitting on a rug before, and they obviously found it very luxurious. Fifteen minutes after installation, each rug had attracted at least three sitters.

"Look at these dummies," Rob said, smiling. "They're sitting on the rugs like it's something to do."

"They do look rather comfortable," I said, and soon Rob and I were sitting too. The new rugs were so clean and soft and cozy. Cats can have pretty good ideas sometimes.