Friday, August 14, 2015

More Kitchen Pics

Rob and I spent last Sunday organizing our new kitchen cabinets. I had fun arranging my Fiestaware into bright, shiny stacks and asking Rob questions like, "So, what's your favorite color of Fiestaware?" (I always like to chat and bug Rob while we're working on a project, and I call these dumb questions "conversation starters.")

If ever we were not in the kitchen, if we happened to stray into another room or find ourselves at Winn-Dixie, Rob would say, "Hey, what are we doing? Let's go play in our new kitchen!"

And we'd go and organize or reorganize a cabinet.

"So," I said at one point, "do you think we should put our different vinegars in alphabetical order?"

Rob said he thought arranging the bottles by height was good enough.

"So," I said as I lined up the balsamic and the red wine, "what's your favorite kind of vinegar?"

"Let's not talk anymore," he smiled.


  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful and you have a GREAT collection of Fiestaware.

    Enjoy playing/arranging ~ FlowerLady

  2. LOVE your Fiestaware! I also have a china cabinet full, as well as glass front kitchen cabinets. I started off with 8 boxes of the 4pc. place settings about 20 years ago, when Bealles had them on sale. I need to stop already...but now my daughter buys me accessory pieces for gifts, the latest was a large pasta bowl with a cheese shaker. You have a beautiful collection! I wouldn't be able to name my favorite color either, maybe turquoise or poppy, but then there's that beautiful lemongrass green. I also love your cabinet with the scalloped front.

  3. It looks beautiful. So festive!

  4. It looks beautiful, Leslie! I love the Fiesta ware in the glass cabinets - perfect! Your kitchen looks so warm and welcoming.