Sunday, December 20, 2015

Refinished Floors

Last week we got our sunroom and kitchen floors refinished. Both really needed it. The sunroom floor had water damage and most of the old finish had peeled off, and the kitchen floor was painted dark green. Both floors are wood (pine), and we had them sanded and varnished.

Rob happened to be out of town while the work was being done, but I was at home. I camped out in the "Little House” with all 12 cats until the varnish was dry and the fumes had cleared.

The Little House is a small building in our backyard that looks like a child’s playhouse. We use it as an office now, but in the old days it served as a kitchen.

The cats were really well behaved in the Little House, though it had to be hard on them to be confined to such a small space for five solid days. There was no growling or hissing or discontented meowing—not even any scratching at the door. It was because I pulled out the hide-a-bed, which they love, and they were too busy snuggling to cause any trouble.

Every night after work during my confinement in the Little House, I’d sit on the hide-a-bed too, surrounded by cats. I was making felt Christmas ornaments and calling cute, rotund Leroy "Mr. Roundandham," which is Rob's new name for him. Seated on the hide-a-bed, I stitched up four little felt trees decorated with seed beads, bugle beads, sequins, fancy buttons, and gold rickrack. My progress was somewhat slower than it might have been because I kept losing my sewing supplies under the covers or under a cat.

The new floors look awesome by the way. When Rob saw the kitchen, he said, "This one looks like a beautiful rollerskating rink or basketball court. It's just so smooth and perfect."

The sunroom floor is just as nice. Thank you, McIver Floor Sanding and Installation!



  1. WOW! Your floors are beautiful.

    12 cats! I'm amazed. I'm trying to introduce one cat to another to see if they can live together and it scares me.

    Happy Christmas dear Leslie ~ FlowerLady

  2. I'm amazed at 12 cats, too. I have 4 and they're driving me crazy because they don't all like each other. I could easily have more because I tend to fall in love quickly when it comes to cats. Your floors are stunning. I remember how I loved the newly polished wood floors every August when I returned to elementary school. There's just something about that shinyness.

  3. It looks fantastic! I hope everyone got extra treats as a reward for their excellent behavior! ;0D

  4. What a gorgeous home! You must be so pleased with how those floors turned out, just beautiful.
    Merry Christmas, Leslie!

  5. Hi Leslie! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and New Year! Your new floors just gleam - they're so beautiful. I had wood floors up north and adored them. You have a lovely home and I especially love the spicy color on your walls - YUM!