Thursday, February 4, 2016

Painting the Back Bedroom

Last weekend Rob and I painted the trim in the back bedroom. The trim in there had always bothered me because half of it was painted and the other half was bare wood. Plus, the bare wood part wasn't even stained or varnished and wasn't even completely bare; bits of old white paint were stuck around all the nails. Obviously somebody, years before, had tried to strip the wood, but they hadn't quite succeeded. I wanted all the trim to match, so Rob and I gave everything a few good coats of a nice neutral color called Mannequin Cream.

We had fun painting, and the cats got into the spirit too. The house was in complete disarray, and Buntin, June, and Frankie were making the most of it. All the bedroom furniture and decorations were piled up in the hallway, and the cats were climbing precarious towers of books and leaping from one wobbly end table to another. As we painted we kept hearing crashing sounds.

We took a break for lunch on Saturday at the Laredo Grill, one of Quincy's few restaurants. It's a cheerful place near the Piggly Wiggly and a great asset to our little town. The waiter at the Laredo Grill likes to tease me about my vegan-ness. I always order the Double A Combination Platter with "no cheese and no sour cream," and whenever he presents me with my plate, he says, "For you, seƱorita. Extra cheese!" He says it in the most deadpan manner; he never cracks a smile.

On Sunday Rob and I touched up the trim with our artist brushes. Then, after the last coat had dried, we cleaned the cat fur off each piece of furniture and moved it back into place. We cleaned cat fur off the walls, too, with a dust mop.

The room was transformed; it looked so much better.

"I don't know what made more of a difference," Rob said, "the painting or the de-cat-ifying."

Carl supervising the painting process


  1. You can't beat the charming aspects of an older home - the warmth of the wood floors, the beautiful trim work around the Windows and doors and the generous baseboards. Oh, and I forgot the fireplace. This room is so warm and inviting. You have decorated it beautifully. I can see that Carl did a great job overseeing this project. What's still left to do in your home? It seems like it has all been renovated now.

  2. Your home is so beautiful and welcoming. I LOVE your hardwood floors. You two and your feline helpers have done a beautiful job on your home.


  3. Leslie, it's just beautiful. I love the dark wood furnishings in your home, everything so appropriate for your charming house. Carl looks like some supervisors from my past, a little stern looking...but, totally handsome. _Janice

  4. Susan, Lorraine, and Janice, thank you so much for your sweet comments! Susan, we have a million more projects to do! We want to add shutters to the outside of the house, get a new roof, finally get curtains, and furnish the front hallway (it's almost completely empty). We also want to redo the bathroom in the Little House, and add a stained glass window to the bathroom in the main house. Oh, and we'd like to add a screen porch off the back of the Little House. This place will keep us busy (and broke) forever!

  5. Oh my. This room is gorgeous!

  6. Leslie, what an incredibly charming bedroom - and with a fireplace (I'm swooning)! You both did a beautiful job with the painting and what a sweet little supervisor you have! I'm loving seeing your beautiful home and gardens!